Our Consultants - experienced and specialized from several years in the business community.

SAM International has more than 25 years of experience within headhunting, executive search, recruitment, business development, onboarding and outplacement in national as well as international companies.

Being an international company SAM International has departments in 12 countries in the EU. 600 assignments are solved on a yearly basis, either nationally or cross border in international assignments.

SAM International employs more than 80 people, primarily headhunters/ consultants and researchers, all possessing a solid and very often, specialized background from a long time experience in the business community.

We fully understand the importance of and are very focused on setting the right team in terms of skills and experience to ensure we are matching your needs. Our most important job is to understand what you look for when developing your organization.

It is our philosophy that the right person has to match the right job at the right time in order to succeed and improve your business.


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