The recruiting process - From CV/ resume and application to recruitment

In SAM International we operate with confidential information, and mutual trust from our clients as well as candidates is essential to us. Our recruiting processes etc. are built on objectivity and professionalism with clearly identified steps and tasks ensuring a satisfying result.

  • We conduct a thorough analysis when beginning all processes to ensure that we capture in-depth knowledge about our client and the involved organization
  • We take into account all aspects about a candidate including evidence of experience, background and skills, but also personality, values, motivation and job timing
  • We undertake tests, interviews and case studies
  • We have processes to ensure that we provide feedback and clear and timely communication between all concerned
  • We always request reference checks to provide the necessary second opinion
  • We follow-up with our clients and candidates to help smooth and accelerate the transition period for both parties


When you are in a recruiting process as candidate in SAM International you can expect a professional process with steps as illustrated below:










Contact is made with SAM through application or direct approach from a consultant. You are introduced to the process.


CV & Application is required to be part of a process in SAM.


You meet a consultant for interviews, tests and cases and establish a close relation.


In a recruitment process you are presented to the client if matched and references are taken before final decision making


In a recruitment process step 3 is contract signing with client and finalizing negotiations.


After a period of time our consultant contacts you and make sure you are still satisfied with the process you completed.