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Head of Group Tech Support - OnRobot, Odense

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As Head of Group Tech Support, you will be responsible for the technical support and training of OnRobot clients and OnRobot’s own support organization. The position is crucial to the ambitious goal of supporting many more distributors and system integrators in the years to come. 

Reporting to the CSO, you will be

  • Part of the global sales organization and a part of the global sales management team.
  • Responsible for building up and managing the support department
  • Responsible for global delivery of technical support and training
  • Implementing procedures and work flows in order to scale up support
  • Aligning support to be uniform globally
  • In close cooperation with R/D and the General Managers in all regions 

The Group Tech Support function at present consists of three technicians, one of which is located in Hungary. Next hire reporting to the Group Support Manager is a Group Technical Trainer in charge of e-learning. 

Experienced manager – top skills
You are known as a top performer with these particular set of capabilities:

  • Engineering education, preferably automation, mechanical, or electrical
  • Ideally, you also hold a degree or strong experience in the commercial field
  • You are already experienced with building a support function
  • You have minimum 5 years of international management experience
  • Experience with and willingness to travel

Your colleagues know you as an organizing, structured, persistent and true executor. You take accountability for KPIs, timelines and budgets, and delivering results is a high priority. 

Passion, dedication and ambition
This is a unique opportunity to become part of a ‘born global’ organization, where your role is one of the pillars of the continued growth of the company. You will be part of an international and hard-working community with colleagues, that share passion and expertise. You will be involved in OnRobot’s development, and you are expected to make yourself useful from day one. 

About OnRobot
OnRobot is a dynamic robotics company with a bold vision to define and own the market for Collaborative Applications. The company is based in Odense, Denmark, and offers technologies — hardware and software — used in end-of-arm tooling, mainly for collaborative robots (cobots). OnRobot integrates grippers, sensors and other cobot equipment to facilitate the use of the technology in applications such as packaging, quality testing, material handling, machine tending, assembly and welding, and is planning to acquire and manufacture additional technologies with worldwide support. 

In addition to its headquarters in Denmark, OnRobot now has consolidated sales offices in Germany, Spain, China, U.S., Malaysia and Hungary. The aim is to build a world-leading organization in development and production of end-of-arm tooling. Through further acquisitions and collaborations, the company expect to reach a revenue exceeding one hundred million dollars in a few years. 

During the last year, OnRobot has grown from 15 to 105 employees.

Read more at www.OnRobot.com

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Torben Fox Maule
Torben Fox Maule
Managing Director
+45 2517 1127
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